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Thursday, December 31, 2009

How to Do Micro Blogging like Twitter in Indian Languages with Enote

Micro BloggingWhole world is thrilled by the micro blogging concept when Twitter started its micro blogging site. Just like Twitter here comes an Indian version of Micro blogging which lets user to share their updates like what you have been doing (or) write what's on your mind (or) share links to photos, videos or WebPages. This concept if totally based on Twitter but little bit difference that it is for Indian users who want to express or share something in their local language.

Enote is the Indian micro blogging site recently launched and is running under a beta version. I tried little biting it. Opened my account and posts some of notes on this. They call updates a note instead of tweet. But as newly they have not much users. But giving a try is not bad. As shown in the picture they have 13 languages on board and 140 character long posting notes space. According to official updated in future may be they can increase the limit of character.You can also setup your twitter account to update enote automatically with your tweets. If you are going to use this service then don't forget me to follow on enote.

So go test the micro blogging in your local language. And Enjoy the Tweets in your own area and your own language.

New Club Penguin Reviewed By You!

Last week, Club Penguin wanted to know what you're looking forward to most of all in the New Year in Club Penguin! Their favorite comment was by Beuty123456. They said...

What am I looking forward to in the new year? I'll tell you what! I am looking forward to making new friends. Whether it's sipping hot coffee at the Coffee Shop, having snowball fights at the snow fort, or just relaxing in an igloo, friends make everything better! I hope to find great pals this year, and have tons of fun with them! Happy holidays!
Thanks, Beuty123456!

Here's the new Reviewed By You question:

Club Penguin would love to know what's your favorite Stage play - and why!

To answer this Reviewed By You question, Click Here.


Secret Agents and Tour Guides Payday - December 31, 2009!

If you are a Secret Agent or a Tour Guide then you got a paycheck today, December 31, 2009! Go to your Penguin Mail to see the special postcards.

Secret Agent paycheck:

Tour Guide paycheck:

Each check is 25o coins. So if you're a Secret Agent and a Tour Guide, you get 500 coins all together! Your next pay check will arrive next month.

Click here to learn how to become a Secret Agent
Click here to learn how to become a Tour Guide


Wishing Happy New Year 2010

2009 is at the last step to leave us with its different memories Moments. And A Happy New Year 2010 is going to rise just after few hours with a new hope to life. Everyone is cheering the happiness of the upcoming happy moments in New Year. So I too come to my blog for wishing all of my visitors, Reader and people around the world with warming hug of coming New Year 2010. I wish all of people Live long with their near & dear for love with love.

I have collected some of beautiful 66 high definition wallpapers of new year download here. If you are looking for calender of 2010 then I recommend Vadafone's ZooZoo seasonal Calender 2010. Download here. Again Wishing all of you a Happy New Year 2010.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

How to Change twitter layout & profile Picture automatically on desired time

Auto Change Twitter BackgroundWant to Change Twitter background automatically Here is a solution.Recently I have changed twitter profile background created this my own. But I was looking for something extra to do with this. So I searched a lot and come to this twitter online application which helps us to change twitter background according to our time and dates and also change twitter profile picture on desired time.

Branding our twitter background give us some extra benefits of attracting more followers. So this quite simple application can help us. Changing background and profile picture automatically gives a refresh image of our profiles to others.

Twiback is twitter app which enables us to use multiple layout and profile images. We need only ones time to setup whole things just sign in using your twitter user name and password. Allow Twiback to access your twitter account. Now upload your desired background and profile avatars setup time and day on daily, weekly or monthly basis.Check out below video how to setup Twiback for automatic change of Layout and profile picture

Visit now make account with Twiback and set your own different profile pictures or layouts according to seasons or festivals. This make you rock with automatic changing of twitter profile background on desired time.

New Club Penguin Newspaper - Issue 220!

Club Penguin's weekly Penguin Times newspaper has just came out. This is the 220 issue of the Penguin Times newspaper.

On page A2, Club Penguin talks and reviews about year 2009.

On page A4, Rockhopper and Aunt Arctic thank everyone for making Coins for Change 2009, an incredibly successful event.

On page A6, the last winners of the Holiday Igloo Decorating contests were revealed! Make sure to go and see if you are a big winner, or a runner up!

This week's "In Focus", they talk about relaxing! If you are a busy penguin, always working around the island, make sure to stop-and learn how to relax. They got some pretty good hints and tips!

Upcoming Events:

January 1 : Payday for Agents and Tour Guides!
January 1 : New Penguin Styles catalog!
January 1 : New pin!
January 8 : "Fairy Fables" play returns to the stage!


Phoenix the NASA satellite landed on Mars

As you know, landed the Phoenix, a NASA satellite on Mars, and I’m interested, like many people this issue. In the analysis of the first pictures, first I found something that is possibly the Phoenix parachute.

Just after two days NASA does, and brings a story with two photos, and clarified the issue, what I was asked them. But that are great words of mine, because they will always ignore it, if they do not want to comment. Now they show the Phoenix hanging in his parachute, flying toward the surface of Mars.

The Phoenix, who courageously jumps into the Flames

Now they are interested to show Phoenix on his landing site. Okay. The more pictures we get better is it. The interesting thing is that the camera is in the Mars Orbiter satellite, a distance of 760 km!

The parachute is 10 meters in diameter. The Phoenix measurements don’t know at this moment. But with its circular solar cells and electronic equipment placed all over the Phoenix Mars Lander, it acts as a mirror and reflects great and big, the bright sun which is shining on the sky above him.

That’s easy to find him among the rocks, with a much brighter color, as the dark soil.

As we showed in the first story I found and published, I believe in world premiere of something unusual, something artificial in the vicinity of the landing. It’s like a transmission tower placed on the soil of Mars. Just as CNN or BBC and were awaiting his arrival.

It is not the first time that BBC reaches places of unique events first (WTC-7).

Now, Phoenix put all his three legs in the soil of Mars. Technically is it a massive achievement. But hard to believe, that this really works. If one of the legs touches a rock two feet in height he would fall. He found no obstacle in its Russian roulette wheel landing. Many places full of rocks, ice-filled, full of craters and fault lines.

What technology is NASA, which does not tell us? If they can get proper images to locate such a place without obstacles, because they don’t show us photos of this resolution?

And how they can make, that an unmanned satellite, drops down to a few square meters instead of default on a planet spinning and flying. Is that martial GPS technology being used?

Are already more satellites in orbit, we do not know? In the case, they do not have a special GPS, how they can take risks, to expose this satellite at such high risk, and risk so much money?

There are many questions that are also or more important, than the question whether there is life on Mars. NASA sent its first images in white on black! In 2008 each cell phone has better resolution. Now we got an image of a patch of ice below, next to the Phoenix. You cannot determine what it is, with the eye. It is a colorless image. Expanding the image to two hundred per cent, it’s a simple extension twice and losing sharpness ago. With what type of camera works the Phoenix robotic arm. With 2 Mb Pixel should have to go much better. I suppose that they are interested in clarity of the images, and they will be equipped with the latest technology.

Again, the Orbiter out of a distance of 760 kilometers get pictures of a moving object (in vertical drop) and the camera, positioned in the arm of Phoenix at a height of two feet, is below the landed Phoenix does not command a very high resolution images.

Something does not match! Everything seems set up and selected and censored!

Only one image appears to have no abnormality and is better. In another image, much more curious, and unfortunately at a distance of ten or twenty yards, you cannot enlarge the image.

They take the time to manually browse or screening programs for serving and censuring without giving information to the public. Because it allows the public, the people of the United States this Cheating?

Military is concerned? But the military is also by and for people. Not against. Or are we in different places. Beyond its military power, and the common man here?

We fight different fights and different battles in places not reachable by the common man.

There are battles in space, or for the space itself?

The Phoenix has already deployed its wings with solar cells.

Here we see a transmission tower! NASA said after two days of silence that is the parachute. To compare an image of the Phoenix embedded in the same white object standing at a distance of one mile. Normally, a parachute is like a cloth on the ground and not erected meters in the air.

Greetings Josef Bauer

Source: PSP_008591_2485

Source: PSP_008585_2915

Source: 230000main_SS000EFF896228773_10CA8R8M1

Wallpaper of Phoenix Parachute 1024x768 193Kb


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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Club Penguin Starting off with a Bang in 2010!

Club Penguin is gearing up for 2010! And there saying for sure that 2010 is going to start off with a bang!

A new event's on the way that will lead penguins into secret places! More games are incoming too that will test your skills!

Look for all new jobs and mysteries... And maybe even a certain polar bear...

I got a few theories running threw my head about the "?" images above. I will tell ya'll them later, but right now I want to know what you think is happening in 2010! Post a comment with your answer.


Fate Stay Night Wallpaper

Excel Saga anime wallpaper

Toshiba Laptop Satellite l505 Wallpapers

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toshiba satellite l505 pics

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Top 13 Portable Applications Pack For better use of USB drive from

USB drive Portable AppWe use daily many of computer applications and some of them are part of our daily digital work. USB Drive's Portable applications can make our life easier for daily work. Applications like word processor, internet browser, music player, calendar/scheduler, instant messaging client, antivirus, audio player, Sudoku game, password manager, PDF reader, minesweeper clone, backup utility and many other. But we can use them only if we are sitting on our desk or our laptop is with us. In case we are away from both of these things but we have another computer but applications of our choice are not there. Then we can use our USB drive to take portable applications with us anytime, anywhere and on any computer.

What is a portable Application (app)?Usb Drive Portable Applications Pack

Portable applications are known as standalone computer programs than can be use on a portable media or device with any computer. We can use all these kind of portable applications as we use on our computer. Just plug-in your USB drive and access to these kind of applications. Don't worry about security as when we unplug the device, none of your personal data is left behind.

Where can we get Portable Applications?

PortableApps is the place where we can a bundle of portable applications in one download which includes the Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition (web browser),Mozilla Thunderbird, Portable Edition (email) ,Mozilla Sunbird, Portable Edition (calendar/tasks),ClamWin Portable (antivirus),Pidgin Portable (instant messaging),Sumatra PDF Portable (PDF reader),KeePass Portable (password manager),Sudoku Portable (game), Mines-Perfect Portable (game),CoolPlayer+ Portable (audio player),PNotes Portable (notes), Portable (office suite),AbiWord Portable (word processor). This bundle suit has three versions I recommend you to download Suite Standard which covers all above given applications.

So what are you waiting for? Just for to download portable applications suit and make your USB drive a standalone applications running device which can give your freedom of work at anyplace, anytime and anywhere.

Nude Beuty

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Now another twenty years have passed.

What Progress! Part - 2 / 4

God let me live for some reason still.

Possibly, in order to enjoy paradise in which we must already be, to live.

In the sixties there were only twenty years more to reach the future, thirty to reach total Utopia.

A German expression (der totale Wahnsinn kommt auf uns zu), in Castilian was thought to live in the total fantastic madness.

It took fifty years. This is a significant advance in time.

But we went forward in time?

I say no. We went back.

I do not have exact numbers on hand, but the cars were multiplied many times. Cell phones multiplied, and by the way, now you see photos in them and you can speak on the go. Today, there are three thousand three hundred million phones!

The cars stink’s so bad, that no one sweating horse exhibits at fast gallop so many gases or odors, and even less, toxic odors.

The cars still carry with them an oven and burn fuel.

They have rubber wheels, which are punctured, and wear.

The brake pads still fill the air with asbestos (cancer!), Instead of recovering kinetic energy during braking.

The heavy vehicles have a gear box instead of regular the wheel speed in an electric motor on the wheels itself.

A cable can transmit power to the wheels, and a computer can regulate the voltage needed, rather than using a driveshaft, and a gear transmission box, filled with dirty oil!

What Progress!


Josef Bauer

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Top 15 Google Chrome Extensions to increase the Productivity of Browser & work

Google Chrome the newest and the fastest internet browser are making its presence into the internet world with its features and daily updates. As we now Google as a quality minded company Google Chrome Internet browser is also awesome quality product. Here are few Google Chrome Extensions which increase the browser productivity but you have to download Google Chrome beta Version to try these add-on from this link.

Below are the Top Rates Google Chrome Extensions
  1. Google Mail Checker :- Simple Utility Extensions no need to open Gmail Again and Again automatically tells you the number of unread messages in your Mail inbox or simply click on the button to check your mail box
  2. Google Translate Extension:- On click Translation extension by Google Translate team simply covert and read the web pages into your own language
  3. Google Wave Notifier :- Word Wave is flooding every where this is useful for those who really dedicated to use Wave. It shows unread Waves in your Wave account without opening Wave in a popup.
  4. RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) :-One clicks RSS Subscription extension. This extension auto-detects RSS feeds on the page you are reading and upon finding one will display an RSS icon in the Omnibox.
  5. IE Tab :-Nice Extension gives freedom to check WebPages which works with only Internet explorer.
  6. Xmarks Bookmark Sync :-Take your bookmarks everywhere with you. Synchronize across multiple computers, and across web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer with Xmarks
  7. Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer :-No need to download documents. Just install this extension that automatically previews pdfs, PowerPoint presentations, and other documents in Google Docs Viewer.
  8. Cooliris :- Cooliris is the next level of watching video and photos online. This is the fastest and most stunning way to browse photos and videos. Effortlessly scroll through media on an infinite 3D Wall. Below us a Video to show the work of this extension

  9. AdBlock :- AdBlock the famous extension of Firefox now come for Chrome to! Remove advertisement from any of the web pages as per your needs
  10. Picnik Extension for Chrome :- Picnik lets us capture the web pages and edit images right in your browser. We can say it is simply easy editing, annotation and sharing tool for free of cost
  11. Brizzly :- Get your social networking work with this extension make your Twitter and Facebook simpler and easier to use. With Bizzly you can See and share photos, videos, searches, lists, and more
  12. Blog This! (by Google) :- BlogThis! button makes you happy for posting any webpage to your blog with just one click
  13. Chromed Bird :-Get the updates in real time from your twitter timeline and stay updated with your twitter account Create short URLs, Track read / unread tweets and get notified whenever new tweets arrive.
  14. Speed Tracer (by Google) :-Get help in real time with this extension. This is really using full for web application developers. Checks the performance and take an analysis of your web applications
  15. AdThwart :- AdThwart just like blocking annoying ads that we see on web pages
These are the top 15 Google Chrome Extensions. By using these add-on's we can performance and get more our of Google Chrome. To check out Chrome Backgrounds please old post about Google Chrome Themes.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics New Year E Greeting Cards 2009 Greetings Glitter Graphics Myspace Orkut Friendster Hi5

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics Links to this Picture (Html Codes) (Copy/Paste into your own Website or Blog):

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics Links to this Picture (Html Codes) (Copy/Paste into your own Website or Blog):

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics Links to this Picture (Html Codes) (Copy/Paste into your own Website or Blog):

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics Links to this Picture (Html Codes) (Copy/Paste into your own Website or Blog):

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics Links to this Picture (Html Codes) (Copy/Paste into your own Website or Blog):

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics Links to this Picture (Html Codes) (Copy/Paste into your own Website or Blog):

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics Links to this Picture (Html Codes) (Copy/Paste into your own Website or Blog):

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics Links to this Picture (Html Codes) (Copy/Paste into your own Website or Blog):

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics Links to this Picture (Html Codes) (Copy/Paste into your own Website or Blog):

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics Links to this Picture (Html Codes) (Copy/Paste into your own Website or Blog):

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics Links to this Picture (Html Codes) (Copy/Paste into your own Website or Blog):

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics Links to this Picture (Html Codes) (Copy/Paste into your own Website or Blog):

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics

Links to this Picture (Html Codes) (Copy/Paste into your own Website or Blog):

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics
Links to this Picture (Html Codes) (Copy/Paste into your own Website or Blog):

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics
Links to this Picture (Html Codes) (Copy/Paste into your own Website or Blog):

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics
Links to this Picture (Html Codes) (Copy/Paste into your own Website or Blog):

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics
Links to this Picture (Html Codes) (Copy/Paste into your own Website or Blog):

New Year Greetings Happy New Year Graphics New Year E Greeting Cards 2009 Greetings Glitter Graphics Free new Year Greeting Cards Happy New Year Glitter Graphics for MySpace, Hi5, OrkutHappy New Year glitters for myspace, hi5, orkut and friendster. Your free resource for myspace layouts, myspace graphics, glitter graphics, myspace icons, background codes, myspace picture codes New Year Glitters Codes For Myspace Profiles and Myspace Comments. New Year Glitters and Glitter Codes for Myspace, hi5, Piczo, Xanga, Friendster, Blog,

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