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Monday, March 31, 2008

Gisele Bundchen in Rio

Gisele Bundchen wearing white tank top & mini pants in her hotel room

Danica Glam Look

Danica tribute_2, originally uploaded by natmfan.

Danica Patrick showing her perfect body & sexy legs in glam mini dress

Danica Patrick Pin-Up Pose

Danica tribute, originally uploaded by natmfan.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Eva Mendes

Eva Mendes, originally uploaded by San *).

Eva Mendes exposed her georgeous cleavage in front open gown

Hayden Panettiere on FHM

Hayden Panettiere en FHM, originally uploaded by bibosk8.

Sexy teens actress from TV series Heroes giving a hot pose on FHM cover in sexy black mini dress.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The case of the missing blogger

Guys, I'm frazzled. I had gotten into the groove of putting something up here every day, but not so this week. What with the trip last week, work at the studio where I freelance, overnight guests, the national women's conference hosted by our church that I'm trying to attend as much as I can, and freelance jobs I'm working on between conference sessions, I'm going a little crazy. Also, have you noticed I haven't done any sort of crafty project for a long while? No time, which is a bummer, since it promotes my mental health. I need a vacation. Oh, wait. I just took one.


This has been announced on Club Penguin Improvement Project's Blog. They made everyone into a Green Puffle!! Woo Hoo! This is only in Test Severs and it is just for today from 10 A.M. - 4 P.M. Penguin Standard Time (P.S.T.). Everyone is turned into a Green Puffle! Go check it out. Puffles are taking over the island. . .

Thanks Rey618rey916 for this tip.

-Cena12121, T.C.P.C. President
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Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria, originally uploaded by BullsEyesOrg.

Eva Longoria perfect body getting exposed in colorful tiny bikini

Aprils Fools Party Has Started, Cheats Here!

April Fools Party has Invaded the Club Penguin Island! Everything this crazy, and fun! There are two free items! Lets find them. . . .

To find the Red Propellor Cap:
  1. Open your map and go to "Ski Village".
  2. When you get there, you will see a box. Open up the box.
  3. The Red Propellor Cap is in the box so, get one.

You have found the first free item, the Red Propellor Cap!

To find the Swirly Glasses:
  1. Open your map and go to the "Cove".
  2. Walk to the wooden box that's in the water.
  3. The swirly Glasses are in the wooden box, so get one.

You now have the second free item, the Swirly Glasses!

Make sure to check out every single room, especially the coffee shop and the Iceberg. Everything is sloppy, silly, funny, and wacky!! Yeppyyy!

-Cena12121, T.C.P.C. President

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New Pin In Club Penguin Cheat - Crayon Pin Cheat!

There is a new pin in Club Penguin! It is a Crayon Pin! To get the pin is sort of tricky. This is how to get it.

Step 1. Open your map and go to the "Mine Shack".
Step 2. Connect the dots that are on the Mine Shack.
Step 3. When connected, the new Pin will appear.
Step 4. Click on the new Pin.

What are you waiting for? Go get the New Pin!

-Cena12121, T.C.P.C. President

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Is this Jamie Lynn Spears ?

Ohh that way don't look like her, is she pregnant?

Wacky Newspaper, Aprils Fools Party, and Migrator Update!

Did ya see the new newspaper?! It is so silly, sloppy, and wacky! To me, it's the best newspaper yet.

UPDATE: CLUB PENGUIN REMOVED "PENGUIN OF THE MONTH" SECTION OFF THE NEWSPAPER FOR SOME REASON. IF YOU STILL WANT TO SEE THE PENGUIN OF THE MONTH SECTION, THEN CLICK HERE AND GO TO PAGE 46. THANKS CYTGIRL825 AND SALINAJEAN FOR THE HELP. There is a super cool section called "Penguin of the Month". It tells you the best penguin of the month and it's actually a trick. It will say that your the Penguin of the Month. My heart jumped out of my body when I saw my name. It was so funny. . . .
I also noticed some secrets and weirds things. First of all there is picture that has the iceberg and points to a hidden treasure. Maybe it's true?
Remember my last post about ninjas? Well, I think I found another sing. There is a page that says that the Dojo is one of the top secret rooms. I also found this really weird thing, there is a window that is shaded black for some reason.
Also, instead of the "Ask Aunt Arctic" there is a "Ask Gary the Gadget Guy".
In other news:

The Migrator was Updated today. It is almost done! And we are trying to find something useful to do with the Aqua Grabber.
Also, don't forget that the Aprils Fools Party starts tomorrow! They said that this party is going to be the best party of the year! Club Penguin started working on it before the St. Patricks Day Party and they also brought special people to draw some cool features of the party!Here is a Sneak Peek of the Pet Shop. It looks so weird. . . .
We are going to stay up all night to get the the latest news about the Aprils Fools Party and were the new Pin is going to be, so come see us first if you need help!

-Cena12121, T.C.P.C. President

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My favorite thing about Italy

The guys selling fake Gucci bags on the street? No! The coffee. Swiss Ms. and Mr. gave me some espresso and a frother as an early birthday present, so now I can make some foamy cappuccinos of my very own. I found even more inspiration for myself at the Metropolis website, where I uncovered this latte art video. I love Metropolis so. I love coffee so.

I love the macro setting on my camera so.

Kate Hudson

, originally uploaded by LeaveMeBe.

Kate Hudson caught wearing sexy bikini at the swimming pool

Kate Winslet

Kate, originally uploaded by jessicatenenbaum.

Kate Winslet give a hot pose in sexy black lingerie

Kate Bosworth

AA Kate Bosworth 1, originally uploaded by Gorgeous faces.

Kate Bosworth in sexy red transparant dress (or lingerie?)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Obama Girl. Amber Lee Ettinger

The Obama Girl. Pretty Hot!, originally uploaded by philipgaita.

Amber Lee Ettinger arrives at the Sean John apparel party launching an underwear and lounge wear clothing line at Light nightclub at the Bellagio hotel and casino in Las Vegas in this Aug. 27, 2007, file photo. At midnight Friday, March 21, 2008, YouTube will announce the 12 winners in the video-sharing site's awards recognizing the top-user created videos of 2007. There were six nominees for each category: music, sports, comedy, instructional, short film, inspirational, commentary, creative, politics, series, eyewitness and "adorable." Ettinger, also known as Obama Girl, whose "I Got A Crush On Obama" clip has been seen more than seven million times, is up for best political video. (AP Photo/Isaac Brekken, file)

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale #1, originally uploaded by The only tHaDuDe.

Kate Beckinsale exposing her sexy body & legs in vest & panty

Sarah Jessica Parker is Not Sexy?

Sarah Jessica Parker, originally uploaded by Gaira House.

I think she look sexy in this picture & position :-)

Useful design-related info

Judging by all the emails I get with questions from people asking how to do stuff, the following might be helpful information for some of you. And for me, too :)

Decor8's recent post "Turning patterns into product" has lots of tips in the comments about how to approach getting your artwork printed on everything from fabric to paper.

If you ever need a logo from a well-known company, try Logo Orange's Famous Brands Glossary. You can learn the history of tons of famous logos and in many cases, download a vector file. Are they the official logo files from the various companies, legal to use? I have no idea. Proceed at your own risk. is an online training library of tutorials for design software. I haven't poked around much yet to test it—maybe it will benefit folks with Photoshop questions. Check it out.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Payday Loans Online

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All The Answers You Need For The Mysterious "Ninjas"!

A lot of you want to get to the bottom of the "Ninja" mystery. So, the T.C.P.C team and me, Cena12121, worked day and night to crack the case of the Ninjas. Club Penguin doesn't want you to now I'm about to tell you so listen carefully. . .

We posted about Ninjas before but this time we got all the information you want. "Ninjas" had been a rumor since Club Penguin first started and it got bigger and bigger. There are whole bunch of rumors and I bet that you heard one before. But, none of them are true! A lot of you want to know when Ninjas are coming. We belive that Ninjas are coming in late July! You heard right, they are coming in July! That is very close. So, from now on you will be seeing hints leading to ninjas in Club Penguin.

Also, a lot of you say how do they really look like? We got the pictures of the real ninjas here! Here are some

The Dojo is going to have something to do with Ninjas too. So, keep a look out there for signs about ninjas. If you see something weird things, tell us! But if you see a penguin doing something weird and saying that he is a ninja, don't believe him. He is a hacker and you should report him.

As, you can see we are starting to relive more secrets about Club Penguin because we are getting so many hits! If this is going to get better, than I will tell you future items of Club Penguin and future colors! So, keep linking our site!

-Cena12121, T.C.P.C. President

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la Yahwe

ovn monte_1.jpg

The reflection of Yahweh, or the Glory of the Lord.

A reflection, which can be read alone, or in conjunction with these photos.

This Object is a replica of real OVNIs seen on this earth.

Many objects are not recognized for its technical merit.

So many stone reliefs, speak a language of technology, but are interpreted in a religious meaning, and so are unknown, or are disassociated from their original functions.

At the beginning of the Catholic religion was banned; get a picture or a statue of their god.

Today, you cannot walk in holy places, without being assaulted by images of God and His apostles and prophets, and all the saints.

Even the artifacts made of past cultures, and already passed into history, is attributed to the work of a modern master in the glorification of God of the Catholics.

With this desire, to use all to claim the splendid god of the Catholics, and prejudice, and even evil things all the art, which cannot be used for this purpose often is lost invaluable testimony of cultures, or individual beings very advanced.

My humble opinion is that all creation, and the power of man to create art, is indicative of the presence of God. But a god, of all us together, not a privileged group, with knowledge of the Bible.

Again, not to hurt anyone say that the religious man, no matter what religion, because being religious is not something of a religion specifically named, but a deep desire of mankind, has two major decisions do. And that, at a short term. In one of these days we will find hard evidence, or we will meet with intelligent beings from other planets.

Every day are found new planets, and even hydrogen and methane in its atmosphere. Methane is an organic gas, produced mostly from biological life. Today the news came out that organic molecules found in an extra solar planet. Any time you have to reverse beliefs, which have a self-centered desire, of wanting to be the most important of this universe, and for that reason be the one life, and at least the closest to God.

What happens, if it comes a being from another planet, and if these rights claims? So man has to take account of that event of an encounter with beings in the near future, or already thousands of years ago.

The egocentric view on religion, there are no other beings, is invalid. God exists throughout the universe and everything equally.

Again without hurting anyone, do not deny God, but as in quantum theory, I will take God very far, so far as is known in more distant places, we can imagine it. There are places so far in time and space, which will never see anyone these spaces.

But there are, and that there is life, and where there is life, there is god. The presence of God is like in quantum theory. God is far away and at the same time is so close. Because, you cannot separate it.

The god who is present at this time in the last corner of the universe, and the God who gives me strength to me, and all life on quantum dimension where forces are inexplicable and extraordinary subliminal connections.

My theory is very simple, for this so great. God is in all matter. Matter not is matter, is energy, or something like harmonic melodies.

The quieter it is a place, the stronger you hear this melody. Stronger hear, and feel God. I think the phenomenon of UFOs, or OVNIS resolved, and accepted, will be a peaceful revolution, and intellectual cleansing very healthy for humanity.

"The earth does not rotate," was a postulate "Geocentric" with a mind "Egocentric".

And yet it moves said Galileo. Believe it or not, however, the earth moves.

We will include in our religion the proximate. Who are near us, and the proximate at distant galaxies. Because there are Aliens.

In Paraguay the people are saying:" I know, Aliens not exist, but if they exist, they exist!"

Great Greetings to all.

Josef Bauer

What I did on my Easter vacation

Alex and I spent last week with our good buddies Swiss Ms. and Mr. in Lugano, Switzerland. (That's Lugano, above. Population 50,000 or so, located in an Italian-speaking state on the Swiss-Italian border.) We had a fantastic time with our friends. But as far as design inspiration goes, my hopes were dashed. I couldn't find any cool fabrics or interesting stationery in Lugano. Just lots of graffiti, frequently spelling out the word "Pooh." Lugano does have a really nice gummy candy selection in the outdoor market, though. That's something.

Check out this cell phone company, photographed through the car window. I wanted to go in and tell them I speak Orange.

The four of us drove to Venice and spent a night. Before the trip, I'd imagined it as a magical, romantic place. I have to admit it was better in my head. Don't get me wrong—it's beautiful. But it feels more like a big amusement park than a real town where normal human beings live. It's overrun with tourists, souvenir carnival mask shops, and street vendors selling weird little squishy rubber dolls in rainbow colors. But the coffee is great, and so was the company. I'm really glad we went.

Above is St. Mark's Square. Home to 42% of the world's pigeon poop.

I liked the pink glass street lights.

Looks like a movie set, doesn't it? So lovely.

This is inside a church on the island of Murano, famous for glass-making. A few of the workshops were open despite it being Holy Week, and it was fascinating to watch the artisans at work.

It was a great trip. And now, back to real life.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sarah Michelle Gellar

SARAH MICHELLE GELLAR, originally uploaded by avagardnerlives.

Sarah Michelle Gellar spread her sexy legs in black bra & high heels

Julianna Hough

Julianna Hough in Jay Godfrey sexy pink dress at Enchanted World Premiere Nov 17 2007

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